Ursa Vincent

Ursa Vincent


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I have the pleasure of working at Miquon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through my employer Kyle & Associates. I love to see the outdoor play that happens here in various forms; it ranges from peaceful and serene to joyous and loud when the children are enjoying the space. In a business and finance role, duties can be routine–and so I enjoy the very inviting and warm atmosphere of Miquon and its staff, as well as getting to know current families in person when I can.

I have a daughter, Asha, now a junior (I can’t believe it!) at Germantown Friends School. She enjoyed several summers here at Miquon Day Camp as a young camper/swimmer/adventurer. Asha and I know many children and families with connections to Miquon, and all report that this is a special place.