Frances Sayers

Member, Board of Directors

Never did I anticipate learning so much from a school I did not attend!

We came to Miquon looking for a school that would provide a strong education for our child, foster his growing sense of independence, and cultivate his love of learning. We wanted a place where he would be known. We found all that, and a community too. Kemper, now a graduate, and his younger brother, Luca, have both spent their time at Miquon gaining not just the academic education we sought, but also a strong sense of self and a recognition of their responsibilities as citizens in the wider world.

With my children’s education at Miquon has come my own: the realization that building and maintaining a community requires effort, that partnership between home and school is vital for successful learning, and that sustaining a school is as important as helping it evolve.

As a senior production editor for Macmillan Publishers, I spend my days shepherding fiction and nonfiction titles from manuscript to published book. This quiet work from home is a stark contrast to my involvement at Miquon, where bringing people together has been my priority. I helped the parent diversity committee (now called BRAIDE) formulate the school’s tenth tenet, co-chaired Families Active @ Miquon (FAM) during the 2021–22 academic year, and facilitated the production of the Miquon Community Cookbook.

I’m proud to be a board member helping to sustain Miquon, its staff, and its community, and nurturing it as it evolves for future learners and their families.