Marie Beresford

5th/6th Grade Teacher

Chestnut Hill College, M.Ed., Elementary Education
Drexel University, B.S., Graphic Design

I started at Miquon over 10 years ago as a substitute in the art room. I remember being amazed at this beautiful campus and the culture of independence and joy that is nurtured by these magical surroundings.

Since then, I’ve taught across most grade bands, each with its own unique charms and discoveries. One thing that remains the same, across grades, is that the curiosity and interests of the children guide where the year will take us!

It is truly exciting to facilitate, observe and participate in the process of organic and spontaneous learning – as questions of the children evolve, so does the direction of the curriculum. This intrinsic motivation to learn cultivates critical thinking skills, the ability to work cooperatively with others and a profound love of learning.