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How long are we?

By Wendy Leitner-Sieber

A recent activity in math, measuring the heights of everyone in the fourth grade, had the children wondering how long the whole class would be, if they laid down head-to-toe. This question led us to add up the heights in inches, feet, and then meters, but also to try to visually estimate how the length of the group altogether would compare to some spaces around campus. Would we stretch all the way down the driveway outside our class? If not, how far? How about across Miquon’s woodchip field? The lower field? We recorded our guesses, and then students went around … READ MORE »

What did they know, and when did they know it?

By Wendy Leitner-Sieber

In our study of ancient civilizations this year, we are using as one of our Big Questions, “What did they know, and when did they know it?” The idea here is to explore the concept that some of the things we use today, and the knowledge we have, came from the discoveries of many early cultures. We will be looking at ideas that developed in more than one time and place (say, the development of the calendar), and build our own timeline across the wall of our classroom. Stay tuned for future blog posts from the kids as they chronicle what … READ MORE »

First week 2015: Hopes, dreams, & snow taffy

By Wendy Leitner-Sieber

It didn’t feel like a short week in the 4th grade! We seemed to manage to do a lot while also focusing on a gentle transition back from winter break, welcoming a new teacher, and shifting into our next topics of study. The children picked right back up with their routines of the classroom, and began the new year with a wonderful discussion of the class guidelines. I asked them to explain to me why each of the ten guidelines was chosen by the group, and how they feel it has been working. They were some very thoughtful observations. A few … READ MORE »