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Miquon Blog

Renaming Monkeyland

Miquon students in first through sixth grade took on a conversation about a situation here at Miquon that is in direct conflict with our school philosophy, as well as the possibilities ahead of us to make things better. READ MORE »

Sprinkle Factory

“It is a sugar carrier because these are the sprinkles and it’s carrying them. We put sprinkles into there.” (Pearl) READ MORE »

Diversity @ Miquon

We are committed to understand, learn, improve, confront, question, and challenge stereotypes–willing to feel discomfort, unease, and push our limits safely as we grow and explore. READ MORE »

Welcome to a New Year!

It was a great first day! Children collaboratively created a quick block representation of the Miquon campus and we toured it with our imaginations while discussing the expanded 5th/6th boundaries. READ MORE »

Giving voice to our best guess

Math work at Miquon often works across several topics, connecting mathematical reasoning skills with students’ number sense and experience of relative distances. READ MORE »