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Check out our quick video featuring all of the important moments from the first day of Nursery and Kindergarten! 


Check out our quick video showing all of the important moments from the first day of school!

Playing Stories

Inspired by the methods of the brilliant preschool and kindergarten teacher Vivian Gussin Paley, the nursery children have been acting out the stories we wrote for this year’s Miquon Grass literary magazine.  Each morning at meeting, a child’s story is selected to be acted out, or played. We read it aloud, talk about what characters need to be in the story, and then the author of the story becomes the director and chooses the actors. While playing the story, the children pay close attention to each other and the director, taking cues from each other, as they do in play, but … READ MORE »

Is elephant blood orange, and other questions…

In any given year in the Miquon Nursery, teachers nurture child-led play and see how it develops. This follows the Reggio Emelia approach of an emergent curriculum–when themes emerge in a consistent way that gain momentum and children’s interest. READ MORE »

Renaming Monkeyland

Miquon students in first through sixth grade took on a conversation about a situation here at Miquon that is in direct conflict with our school philosophy, as well as the possibilities ahead of us to make things better. READ MORE »

Sprinkle Factory

“It is a sugar carrier because these are the sprinkles and it’s carrying them. We put sprinkles into there.” (Pearl) READ MORE »