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A Great Start to Our Year in the Miquon Library

By Sarah Stippich

Three words that come to mind after my first days as the Miquon Teacher Librarian: welcoming, warm (both weather-wise and feelings-wise), and busy!

Sharing a great book together in the library

I’ve been thrilled to start getting to know the Miquon students and staff, finding my way around the fabulous library collection and sharing great books during library class. Each class that has visited the library has shown a deep love of story and an eagerness to dive deep into books. Our first times together include gathering to share a story, personalizing our new library cards, and defining our vision for the year’s work together. Everyone is chomping at the bit to have the library and other specials open for choice time, so we have been discussing how we can work together to make the library feel like a fun – but relatively quiet and calming – community hub.

Posing with the (also new) Science PEL Fellow, Arielle, on our first day at Miquon

As we move into October (and this lovely, chillier weather), I look forward to guiding students in finding books that are “just right” not only for their reading skills but more importantly, their interests, with an eye toward books that make us happy and versatile readers. We will begin to talk more a bout what makes a book successful and the roles that authors, illustrators, editors and publishers have in the process.

So many new books!

It’s clear that I have big shoes to fill, as Amy has been a much-beloved staff member at Miquon, putting in lots of love and thoughtful, hard, intentional work over the years. I want to honor the students’ appreciation of her role in their lives, especially because… she’s awesome!

Thank you to every family member, staff member, and (especially) student who has taken the time to make me feel extra welcome at Miquon. Here’s to a great year together!

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