For the Good of the Creek

The Miquon School recently completed the five week-long restoration work for its 1,400 foot creek. A series of riffles and pools has been constructed, creating shallow aquatic beds that will help lessen erosion during big storms. The project will protect adjacent wetland areas and groundwater seeps, which in turn, will protect water quality. In sum, the project will restore stability and ecological integrity to the stream, as well as new, safe opportunities for student stewardship, education, and play.

“In a world where kids have a lot structure and not enough free play, we are committed to providing children with daily opportunities for exploration, experimentation, and discovery out-of-doors, and a healthy creek is a big part of that,” said Principal Susannah Wolf.

The project has been an exciting campus activity! Teachers integrated lessons about the importance of water quality in a watershed into their curriculum and students spent time observing and studying the restoration activity.

After raising $71,000 from school and camp families, alumni, staff, grandparents and alumni parents (thank you!), Miquon secured a $95,000 state grant through the Department of Environmental Protection’s Growing Greener program. Landscape architects from Biohabitats designed the project and Aquatic Resource Restoration carried out the construction.

Help Install Plantings around the Creek!

The construction is complete, but Miquon still needs to add stabilizing plants to the creek banks to fight erosion and keep our creek protected. If you would like to help Woodlands Manager Paco Verin with creek bank planting, we would all greatly appreciate it! Please email Paco directly to set up a time.

Save the Date

Please save the date, Saturday, October 22, for a poetry party in celebration of the Miquon creek. Details forthcoming.

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