For the Good of the Creek

For the Good of the Creek

Ever since Miquon was founded in 1932, school and camp children have learned, played, and explored in our beloved creek. The creek is the very heart and soul of our campus and an ever-present reminder of our shared commitment to environmental stewardship, play and childhood, and hands-on learning.

This year, our most pressing project is the rehabilitation of the creek between the upper playgrounds and the school office building.

Former Principal Richard Mandel and former Board Member Alice Norman Mandel – current school grandparents and parents of two alumni – have generously offered a challenge to our community: they will give $30,000 to this campaign if we can raise another $30,000 by September 1, 2013.

What can you do?

* Join us in meeting the Mandels’ challenge by making a gift (please write “Creek Campaign” in the comments box).

* Check out the slideshow above for more information and check back frequently to learn more. (We’ll let you know when we’ve updated the blog.)

* Share your favorite creek memory! Send us a note, a 1-2 minute video, or a photo or two. We’ll try to post as many as we can to our blog throughout the summer. Email your memories to

Thank you!