Miquon Teacher Erin Steffy: Each Child is Special and Unique

By Kristin Sanderson

KS__-5Visitors to the Nursery classroom often find Erin wearing various shades of green — her favorite color. This makes sense. The color of new growth, life and vitality, freshness and nature, Miquon parents find that the green mirrors Erin’s youthful energy and ability to nurture new ideas and enthusiasm in the Nursery learners.

Erin says that she’s known since she was 11 years old that she wanted to become a teacher. Her sixth grade teacher loved his work, and his passion was evident in his classroom. He made learning exciting even if it was math facts or test prep.  Aside from his teaching methods, this teacher treated each child as an individual. Erin is an identical twin, and as a child was typically seen as part of a unit. Being acknowledged for the first time as a unique and special being shifted her self-identity and self-esteem. As a teacher, Erin hopes to make a difference in her students’ lives, appreciating the unique qualities that makes each child special — similar to how her sixth grade teacher made a difference for her.

Following her calling, Erin graduated from Temple with a dual certification in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development. Prior to coming to Miquon, she taught at the Cooperative Nursery School. She is currently putting her training to work both in the Miquon nursery and at home, where she is a mom to two girls, ages 2 and 4.

Erin loves teaching at Miquon, and is thrilled to be at a school where she can help foster a child-centered and play-based curriculum.  Erin teaches in the spirit of her sixth grade teacher as well as her mentor, beloved Early Childhood Educator, Bev Bos, who said, “No matter what anyone else says, bring your passion.”

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