Moog Publishes Autism Playbook for Teens

By Kristin Sanderson

AutismPlaybookTeensMECH.inddWe are so pleased that Miquon’s own school psychologist Carol Moog, PhD has just published her latest book, The Autism Playbook for Teens: Imagination-based mindfulness activities to calm yourself, build independence and connect with others, along with co-author Irene McHenry, PhD.

As explained on Carol’s website, the book offers a unique, strengths-based approach to help teens with autism spectrum (including Asperger’s Syndrome) develop social skills, strengthen communication, and thrive. The activities contained in each chapter are custom-designed to work with the unique perspectives, sensory processing, neurological strengths and challenges that teens with autism bring to their encounters with the social world. By engaging in these activities, teens will gain an authentic awareness of their surroundings, leading to better social interaction that is also rewarding, interesting, and fun. For more information, visit Carol’s website,

The book is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Check it out!