Staff News and Retirements

By Kristin Sanderson

From two Kates to none, next year! Science teacher Kate Shapero is taking a one-year leave to be at home with her new baby, expected in May. Kate Fox is saying goodbye to Miquon after three years as one of our 3rd-4th grade teachers, and will be moving to Massachusetts this summer before getting married in October. She has been a thoughtful, intelligent and creative member of Miquon’s teaching staff, and will be greatly missed. In January 2014, 1st-2nd grade teacher Rich Murray will take a well-earned leave for the remainder of the year, thanks to Miquon’s teacher sabbatical program.

DS-headshot-wDiane Sychowski is to retire after 21 years as Miquon’s Librarian, and parent of Peter ‘96 and Benjamin ‘99. Hundreds of Miquon students have acquired their love of literature, literally at Diane’s knee, in her warm and inviting Library. She knows every child’s taste and skill in reading, has helped identify countless Miquon critters, rocks and plants, run a lively Book Club, and kept the community spellbound in her fabled story-telling assemblies. She has raised significant funds for the Library through the annual Book Fair, moved the Library catalogue into the cloud, and become a knowledgeable bee-minder. Diane will be remembered fondly and with enormous gratitude by the Miquon community. We wish her all the best as she embarks on new adventures.

APheadshot-wNobody is more surprised than Arabella Pope to realize that 31 years have gone by since she first came to Miquon as the parent of Jack ‘89 entering Kindergarten, also Alice ‘91 and Kate ‘93. Hired soon after as Director of Day Care, Arabella learned teacher-craft as Lynn Hughes’ assistant before herself becoming a group teacher in 4th-6th grades. Rehired as Director of Admissions in 1996, Arabella brought a generation of families to Miquon and professionalized the financial aid process for applicants. A one-year stint as Interim Principal during a transition period was unsought but gallantly accepted, and most recently Arabella has served as Miquon’s first Director of Communications, along with a role in developing Miquon’s alumni network. The joke that Arabella has performed every role at Miquon except Maintenance is … almost true. Now a grandmother of two, she is looking for more time to spend with them in retirement. We let her go with many thanks for everything, and best wishes for the future