Alumni Spotlight: Bill Kirber ’64

For the three year old Bill Kirber, play was simple: He was at Miquon—collecting crayfish in the creek, building dams and running in the woods. Naturally, as with any Miquon child, these things were all a part of daily life. READ MORE »

Miquon ’98 meets Miquon ’42

A Miquon gathering in San Francisco in February 2012 drew alumni of all eras. Two of them, Peter Solmssen ’42 and Julia Soffa ’98, got together later to reflect on their experience of Miquon. READ MORE »

Profile of Gabe Kuriloff ’90

Gabe Kuriloff, Miquon class of 1990, opened his interview by expressing his belief in his “heart of hearts” that his Miquon family would be proud of the life that he has led. READ MORE »