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Bringing it all together

By Wendy Leitner-Sieber

Wendy and Sara’s group wrapped up our Theme exploration of ancient Egypt recently with an event to bring together many facets of our learning about this time and place. We chose some projects to celebrate aspects of this civilization that captured the children’s imagination, and invited our friends from the 5/6 groups to visit. They had the chance to share in typical foods, watch some skits about inventions and discoveries of the time, to sample our versions of such Egyptian discoveries as beeswax perfume and mineral inks, and play games our kids invented using inventions on a timeline and the dimensions of step pyramids. Here are a few images of a day which all the kids enjoyed:

Making beeswax perfume Making beeswax perfume

Making perfume 1Perfume pic 1

Ancient Egyptian foods Ancient Egyptian foods – honey cakes, dates, lentils, and more

Marketplace visit food

Timeline game Timeline game – can you put these discoveries in order from 4000 BCE to 300 BCE?
Pyramid game Pyramid game
Performing skits Performing skits – How might that have been invented?

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