Is elephant blood orange, and other questions…

In any given year in the Miquon Nursery, teachers nurture child-led play and see how it develops. This follows the Reggio Emelia approach of an emergent curriculum–when themes emerge in a consistent way that gain momentum and children’s interest. READ MORE »

Sprinkle Factory

“It is a sugar carrier because these are the sprinkles and it’s carrying them. We put sprinkles into there.” (Pearl) READ MORE »

Mud pies, Salad soup and Pasta sandwiches

An emerging interest in the nursery classroom has been baking and concocting recipes in our outdoor Mud Kitchen. Using natural sensory ingredients such as, sand, soil, and water and transforming them into milk, eggs, salt to make into cupcakes and vegetable soup is one example of their dramatic play. READ MORE »

Alumni Spotlight: Bill Kirber ’64

For the three year old Bill Kirber, play was simple: He was at Miquon—collecting crayfish in the creek, building dams and running in the woods. Naturally, as with any Miquon child, these things were all a part of daily life. READ MORE »