Snow-covered Woods and the Joy of Learning

By Kristin Sanderson

Welcome back!  This week, eager Miquon kids were thrilled to return to school, discovering the beauty of the snow-covered woods and the joy of learning inside warm, cozy classrooms.  There’s been much ado already:  The 5th and 6th Graders enjoyed a delicious returning celebration breakfast in their classrooms, Wendy and Sara’s group learned of the arrival of Sarah’s Aghajanian’s baby, Lia Violet (born December 30, 8.5 lbs), and snow play was the theme at Choice for all ages — from creative sledding in Monkeyland to snowballs on the lower field for older children.  Science Kate even used this first snow to make “snow taffy” and have a lesson on the properties of water with Rich and Elisa’s group.  Winter, most definitely, has come to the valley!


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