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4th grade poets

By Wendy Leitner-Sieber

Since spring break, we have been exploring the world of the ancient Greeks during the classical period of 5th century B.C. Athens. Among other things, we have read about the large role that poetry played in that society. April, which is national poetry month, is also a time of almost unbearable beauty on campus. It has inspired all of us in Wendy & Sara’s group to bring out our inner poets.

We are challenging ourselves this month to memorize a favorite verse (as an Athenian citizen might have done) and to try our hand at writing poetry of our own.

Earth Day was a perfect moment to wander outside to contemplate nature unfolding and to explore the Japanese art of the Haiku. Enjoy!

haiku 1

Clear ripples cold and smooth

Rocks around the waterfall

Fish swim in the pool

  • AE

Soothing and waiting

Water rushing to its home

Sad and full of life

  • BF

Smooth curled red petals

Red tulips small bits of black

Leaves like a sun set

  • JB

A budding tulip

I saw, small gentle and sweet

Like a yummy treat

  • MS

haiku 2

Little mint green leaves

Cloud traveling through the sky

Red flowers blooming

  • MM



I see a wood chip

Light small rough spiky and tan

Blowing in the wind

  • FG

A wispy tree stands

Outstretched arms rain-ish and tall

A sad lumpy trunk

  • ZP

The amazing pond

has lots of beautiful fish

And turtles swimming

  • MK

haiku 4


Bumpy long branches

Leaves are swaying in the wind

Trunk is very tall

  • KT

Trees growing out of stumps

Flowers blooming from a lump

Pink and green with bumps

  • haiku 3JD

A little spider

Crawling across the lotion

Hello little guy!

  • RR

I see many leaves

Textured, pointy, sticky, soft

More than one on stem

  • AW


Little purple buds

Little orange buds with webs

Green buds and no leaves

  • MH

I can hear nature and kids

They do different things

I can see buildings and cars

  • SM

 The sun shines brightly

I see flowers, trees and grass

The creek flows softly

  • JW

Trees grow strong and tall

Flowers grow below their limbs

And birds soar above

  • ZA

The wind is blowing

Against the bamboo leaves, wshhh

Kids laughing out loud

  • AH-M

I see flowers blooming

I see people running, yay!

And Olaf melting

  • WB


haiku 5

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