Goldstein: ‘Miquon encourages a high level of academic creativity’

By Kristin Sanderson

After Miquon, Noah Goldstein attended Colonial Middle School, where he experienced a smooth transition into his new social and academic environment.  Currently he is a senior at Plymouth Whitemarsh high school.  He notes that “while the differences between Colonial and Miquon were enormous…the social and academic skills that I acquired at Miquon made my transition into public school a pleasant learning experience.”

Noah explained that it was Miquon’s very differences, specifically its emphasis on exploration and rich student-teacher interaction, that provided him the tools to be successful in a larger, more traditional classrooms.  “The sense of community that they instill at Miquon makes everyone feel comfortable in their learning environment. Since I felt comfortable in every classroom, I never felt afraid to ask a question or to admit that I was confused. This allows students to help fulfill their potential. Miquon encourages a high level of academic creativity that I would not have received anywhere else.”

Noah is a passionate and competitive athlete at Plymouth Whitemarsh, playing varsity baseball and varsity soccer, and he credits Miquon’s twice-daily Choice Time with allowing him to nurture and pursue his athletic interests.

Noah also discussed how his Miquon education taught him the importance of “good decision-making…where a child can develop a sense of independence and an extremely advanced set of moral values at a young age.”  Noah embodies and lives these values each day, whether through preparing for his four AP-level courses he is taking this semester, educating his peers about the dangers of distracted driving with his school’s Student Coalition campaigns, or working with the Best Buddies program to ensure that his peers with special needs experience a safe, supportive, and enriching high school experience.