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PE: What does it mean to be fit?

By Nancy Schmucker

Before holiday break 3rd – 6th graders explored health and skill related components of fitness through participating in a variety of activities to exemplify each (and sometimes multiple components).   What does it mean to be physically fit? Is skilled the same as fit? Is fit the same as skilled? Is someone who is fit more at an advantage than someone who is really skilled? Is someone who is really skilled more at an advantage as someone who is fit? What components directly relate to my health and why? How do I improve my fitness? Health Related vs Skill Related … READ MORE »

PE Late Fall

By Nancy Schmucker

        What we have been up to: building, cooperating, throwing, volleying, communicating (a lot), working on core strength, participating in some holiday tradition activities, and having fun.   Skyscraper challenge – with a bunch of pool noodles and a limited amount of masking tape, students work with their group to see how high they can build a freestanding structure. Added challenge: the students were given a foam hoop and had to build the structure to support it as high as possible. This activity works on cooperation, communication, teamwork, collaboration, and basic building skills.     Partner trust … READ MORE »

Physical Education Oct. 2015

By Nancy Schmucker

  HOW CAN I CONTRIBUTE TO MY GROUP?   Sport and physical activities are social. There are very few activities that you participate in alone, so it is important to learn to be an effective member of a group. Classes were given a physical “problem” to solve…either they had to save everyone from sinking with the Titanic (and rescue everyone on “life-boats”, cross a poisonous swamp with “magical lily pads”, flip a mat over without stepping off, get the class in a certain order without stepping off of a log, or get everyone off the moon with only one spaceship…or…you … READ MORE »