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PE Late Fall

By Nancy Schmucker





What we have been up to: building, cooperating, throwing, volleying, communicating (a lot), working on core strength, participating in some holiday tradition activities, and having fun.

IMG_9811IMG_9802IMG_9795 IMG_9790IMG_9793

Skyscraper challenge – with a bunch of pool noodles and a limited amount of masking tape, students work with their group to see how high they can build a freestanding structure. Added challenge: the students were given a foam hoop and had to build the structure to support it as high as possible. This activity works on cooperation, communication, teamwork, collaboration, and basic building skills.



IMG_9813 IMG_9812

Partner trust walk – first in the Moore Building to practice… (practicing our communication skills and establishing/working on trust).

IMG_9820 IMG_9996 IMG_9995

…then on the Miquon campus


IMG_9952 IMG_9950 IMG_9986

Spider Web – each class had to get every student through the web without touching it, and only using each hole once. Working on problem solving, communication, cooperation, trust, etc.)




IMG_0176  IMG_0173

Push up high-fives. Working on cooperation, communication, and core muscle development.



IMG_9970 IMG_9968

Throwing and catching – using upside down cones. Working on eye-hand coordination.

IMG_0185 IMG_0180

Mini-bowling – working on underhand throwing/rolling, and coordination.



IMG_9773IMG_0279 IMG_0277IMG_9765

Scooter Boats – two students push while two ride. Working on cooperation, communication, core strength, and taking turns.


IMG_0144 IMG_0135 IMG_0143Scooter triathlon – running, biking, and swimming on scooters. Working on core strength (abs, back, quads, hams, biceps, triceps, deltoids).


IMG_9921 IMG_9927IMG_9943

Throwing and Catching with a variety of implements – balls, pigs, fish, and chickens! Working on our eye-hand coordination.


IMG_0085 IMG_0025 IMG_0075 IMG_0057 IMG_0061

Horse, chariot, chicken, fish, pig, and tofu race – the “horse” pulls the “rider” to pick up various items (one at a time) and bring them back to their “coop”. After every trip, teammates switch positions. This is a tradition to play before Thanksgiving. this activity works on cooperation, teamwork, communication, gathering, core strength, and taking turns.


IMG_0214 IMG_0213

Snowball fight – teams protect “snowmen”(pins) at their fort from “snowballs” (balls) being thrown from other forts. One teammate is responsible for collecting “snowballs” on their “sled” (scooter) and getting them back to their teams to throw. This is a tradition to play before winter break. This activity works on teamwork, communication, cooperation, eye-hand coordination, blocking,  and throwing.



IMG_0167 IMG_0150 IMG_0148 IMG_0146

Hand tennis – 2-square with a net, large scale ping-pong with hands, pickle ball with hands, or tennis with hands. This activity works on eye-hand coordination (volleying), communication, and cooperation.


IMG_9752 IMG_9753 IMG_9706


Pickleball – volleying with short-handled implements (it’s like large scale ping-pong or modified tennis)




Four Square with net



IMG_9864 IMG_9866  IMG_9860 IMG_9859 IMG_9857 IMG_9856

Castle Ball – an all time favorite at Miquon. Each team has 3 castles (made of 6 hula hoops). If a castle gets knocked down, the team can (and should) rebuild. If all castles on a side gets knocked down, then we set up and the game starts over. This activity works on cooperation, teamwork, communication, eye-hand coordination, throwing, blocking, and sportsmanship.


Conference week with 4th grade:

Along with studying origins and inventions of different sports, we made lacrosse sticks to complement their Lenape studies that they were doing in the classroom.


First we had to cut down vines for the frame.


…then we had to make the netting.


…then we had to attach the netting to the frame.

IMG_9900 IMG_9901


…then we played some Knock’em and Block’em with the lacrosse sticks (the field was wet). They turned out really well.




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