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Spotted Lanternflies and Children

By Kate Shapero

This summer brought Spotted Lanternflies to Miquon. The messaging from the media has been clear: Kill them on sight. As a community member and science educator, I understand the need to engage and mobilize the public in managing the early stages of this infestation. As a parent and teacher, I also know that children are sensitive creatures.  READ MORE »

Children at the Center of Layered Learning

By Kate Shapero

I just spent a week observing all of the group classrooms at Miquon.  What struck me most is how children consistently play the essential role in creating meaningful learning experiences.  In every single classroom I visited, children were observing, children were asking questions, children were making meaning, children were forming relationships. They were at the center of thoughtfully constructed experiences; the circumstances crafted by their teachers allowed their curiosity and caring selves to flow forth.  I have notebook pages full of observations to support this. I was incredulous when watching certain lessons unfold; in classrooms of all ages, teachers wove … READ MORE »

Circuitry Workshop Information for Parents

By Kate Shapero

Dear 3rd and 4th Grade Parents, We were immersed in Circuitry Workshop for the last few weeks of science.  This unit focused on basic information about electricity, circuits and safety, but the primary purpose was to cultivate a “workshop mentality” in the science room.  The emphasis was on trying out new ideas, persistence, collaboration and using materials with care. Many parents have asked for a list of materials and resources so that their children can continue experimenting and building circuitry projects outside of school.  Here are some basics if your family is interested in keeping things going at home. Circuitry … READ MORE »

Science Show News

By Kate Shapero

The Art and Science Show is on Tuesday, May 3rd from 5:30-7:00.  Nursery through sixth grade students are invited to share a project or invention with the community in the Moore Building.  This could be something that they worked on in school or at home.  Each piece should be accompanied by a submission form that explains the work and will be displayed next to it.  This form is available below for downloading.   Though we have not focused on inventing as a curriculum topic this year, many students are planning to develop their own creations to share at the show. … READ MORE »