first grade

Math at Miquon Might Look like Fun and Games….

But a closer look shows how kids can uncover their individual way of learning. Here, co-teachers Eléonore and Reem talk about incorporating group activities to nurture learning in their 1st and 2nd grade group. This week in 1st grade, we imagined and solved a number of story problems involving adding two quantities together. Some of us enjoyed acting out the stories to visualize what was happening. Others used math manipulatives to represent the numerical operations. We practiced different ways we can represent our thinking on paper and are beginning to move into our work with subtraction. In 2nd grade math, … READ MORE »

Classroom Inventory in First Grade

“We have a lot of things!” We counted them as a class using Unifix cubes. This time, each child made bundles or “towers” of 10 and we combined them when finished. READ MORE »