There is Still Much to Learn

By Kristin Sanderson

group-at-lincoln-pyrctzLast week, Lynn and Jeri’s group took a day-long trip to Gettysburg, the culmination of their study of the American Civil War. The study took a multi-faceted look at all of the aspects of the war, from understanding the struggles and perspectives of the people involved (including familiar figures like Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln, as well as the lesser-known landowners who suffered the civilian cost of war) to work involving flags, maps, fort locations, battlefield topography, and the songs of the period.

Ultimately, the students have come to understand that war is not a good solution to conflict, that racism existed (and exists) without regard for regional boundaries, that this particular war has affected American society to the present day, and that there is still much to learn, understand, and resolve about such a pivotal and divisive event.

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