Classroom Blogs

Classroom Blogs

A Roly-poly and Lost Puppies: A Look at Emergent Curriculum

By Celia Cruz

“Follow the child’s interests in people, objects, places, and activities, and talk with them. It’s social interaction that creates a link between the child and an ongoing activity. Help them learn how to articulate themselves and participate in the world.” Anne Haas Dyson Our nursery learners make a variety of choices during morning inside-outside play. Over the past few weeks, we’ve observed a flurry of planning and collaboration among the children while they performed a Wedding Ballet, constructed a house for puppies on the loose,  made a temporary habitat for caterpillars beneath the walnut tree, and designed Magna-tile palaces for cats. Their emerging interests … READ MORE »

PE: What does it mean to be fit?

By Lisa Mann

Before holiday break 3rd – 6th graders explored health and skill related components of fitness through participating in a variety of activities to exemplify each (and sometimes multiple components).   What does it mean to be physically fit? Is skilled the same as fit? Is fit the same as skilled? Is someone who is fit more at an advantage than someone who is really skilled? Is someone who is really skilled more at an advantage as someone who is fit? What components directly relate to my health and why? How do I improve my fitness? Health Related vs Skill Related … READ MORE »