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Amy Vaccarella


I have worked in many libraries in my adult life, and the Clisby Library is by far my favorite! What makes this library so special is the way the students interact with it. They are curious, creative and resourceful. The library becomes another type of playground — a place to explore and question. It is…READ MORE »

Andrea Myers

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

I first learned about Miquon while doing research for a paper in graduate school in Cambridge. I was intrigued by the description of a school where the adults trusted children to play independently and to learn passionately. That article traveled with me for ten years. When I moved to the Philadelphia area and discovered that…READ MORE »

Brianna McNamara

Group Teacher, Second/Third Grade

I came to Miquon to ask why every day. The first time I was able to openly ask why in an educational setting was as an undergraduate philosophy major. I was finally encouraged to not only wonder, but independently pursue answers to my own questions. By continually looking at the systemic problems of our world…READ MORE »

Carol Moog

School Psychologist

I am a licensed psychologist with a private practice serving children, adolescents, and adults. Previously, I was the clinical director of the Social Learning Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania, conducting the Social Skills Seminar for young adults with Aspergers. I am also a published author, having recently co-authored "The Autism Playbook" (New Harbinger,…READ MORE »

Celia Cruz

Co-Teacher, Nursery

So much of my childhood was filled with writing and illustrating stapled storybooks, most of which involved weathering winter storms with my family and doing hefty chores. It was mostly fiction! I really like that every day at Miquon our learners tell stories during play and exploration built upon their identity and experiences. Their thinking…READ MORE »

Connie Devlin

Administrator for Community Support

Our family came to Miquon over twenty-five years ago with our daughters, Sarah '95 and Alex '00. I began as a parent volunteer then worked in the After-School Program, as classroom substitute, and as a counselor and Assistant Director of Miquon's summer camp. Former jobs have all revolved around interests in photography, art, and theatre.…READ MORE »

Deborah Crocker

Director of Development

When I first met my husband, Josh McIlvain '82, he used to talk about an amazing little school he went to called Miquon. I had a hard time understanding how an elementary school could have such an impact on a person – until I came to Miquon myself. I am happy to have the opportunity…READ MORE »

Elisa Rosenwinkel

Assistant Teacher, First Grade

One of my favorite things about Miquon is when our whole community comes together on Friday mornings for assembly. Each group sits with their buddy group and everyone is sincerely excited to see each other! It's a time when we will gather to sing songs, tell stories, or perform plays. Every month or so, we…READ MORE »

Erin Steffy

Co-Teacher, Nursery

What I love about Miquon is the approach to learning and teaching to the whole child; recognizing that their are many ways to arrive to the same answer, and making room for diverse learners to succeed. Teaching our youngest students is truly magical — our days are filled with joy, curiosity, excitement, and laughter. My…READ MORE »

Jeri Bond Whatley

Assistant Teacher, Fifth/Sixth Grade

I have been an Assistant Teacher at Miquon since 1995. During that time, I have taught in age groups from 1st through 6th grade (though never 3rd), and for the last 16 years, exclusively in the 5th/6th. I have several years of prior experience in Special Education with both adults and children. I have a…READ MORE »

Kate Shapero

Science Teacher

I grew up exploring the woods surrounding Miquon and spent my summers here as a camper. As a child, I delighted in the rippling creek, tall trees and the seemingly infinite supply of delicious wineberries. My experiences nurtured a deep affection and appreciation for the natural world. After thirty years, this hasn't changed. I'm extremely…READ MORE »

Katie Rosenberg

Assistant Business Manager

I began at Miquon in October, 2014. My office is tucked away upstairs in the main office building, and I very much enjoy the distraction of being able to watch the children play from my office window. I am a proud Penn State University alum, and prior to working at Miquon, I spent 10 years…READ MORE »

Kristin Sanderson

Director of Communications and Alumni Relations

Miquon brought me to Philadelphia from Los Angeles in 2013, both for my professional role and for my children. Previously, I ran the alumni program at the USC Price School of Public Policy and served as communications director for the USC Alumni Association. Originally from Boston, I am busy getting back to my east coast…READ MORE »

Lynn Hughes

Group Teacher, Fifth/Sixth Grade

I've been a teacher at Miquon since 1967. Most of my time has been spent with 5th and 6th graders, although I've taught groups as young as a blended 2nd-3rd. Before I came to Miquon, I worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst for a large Philadelphia-based insurance company, as a guitar teacher for…READ MORE »

Pam Feinschil

Administrator for Office Support

I am the mother of Miquon graduates Eric '98, Laura '01 and Anna '09. Staff and parents alike know me as the “go to” person for almost any question, and I manage the school database, arrange parent-teacher events, coordinate transportation, and most importantly, oversee the classroom snack program. Before coming to Miquon, I worked in…READ MORE »

Rachel Elin-Saintine

Group Teacher, Second/Third Grade

When I was a senior in high school, my guidance counselor gave our graduating class one of those tests that connect interests into potential career paths. While in homeroom, one by one, my friends’ names were called to receive their results. They started to open their letters – Doctor; Lawyer; Architect; smiles grew over their…READ MORE »

Rich Murray

Assistant Teacher, First/Second Grade

I joined Miquon in September 2004. Most of my years here have been spent as a group teacher in a first/second grade classroom, and last year in a first grade classroom. Currently, I am an assistant teacher in a first/second grade classroom. My teaching career began in public schools, and I felt that I wanted…READ MORE »

Rossana Zapf

Language Arts Coordinator, Multicultural Affairs Coordinator

I have vivid memories of the playroom my sister and I shared when we were little: our beloved kitchen set, a tiny desk, magnetic letters, a surplus of art supplies, lots of dolls, a mini piano and a typewriter I inherited to practice writing. In this sacred space I especially loved playing school. So it's…READ MORE »

Sara Slaybaugh

Assistant Teacher, Fourth Grade

I will never forget the first time I did an Internet search for independent schools in the Philadelphia area. I was overseas at the time teaching in Thailand, beginning to think about coming back home to the United States. The Miquon School popped up and I was in awe of what I saw. As I…READ MORE »

Susannah Wolf '81

I am delighted to be back at Miquon as it is one of my favorite places in the world. I remember the freedom and joy I felt to be learning and playing at Miquon as a child. I always felt so known by all my teachers – each engaged with me distinctly, challenging me to…READ MORE »

Toni McDonnell

Group Teacher, Kindergarten

I will never forget the first time I ventured onto Miquon’s campus. It was a crisp Saturday afternoon in October ’82. The sugar maples were ablaze with brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. A lone turkey vulture circled overhead. The creek babbled merrily as it slid over the rocks. A chipmunk darted through a…READ MORE »

Wendy Leitner-Sieber

Group Teacher, Fourth Grade

I came to Miquon to teach in the fourth grade during the 2014-15 school year, looking forward to learning alongside children who are curious and immersed in the world around them. I love the freedom that we have at Miquon to delve deeply into topics of interest and to support the growth of child as…READ MORE »

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